Sunday, April 21, 2013

Filing Cabinet Makeover

With me not working, I have found plenty of time to work on some awesome projects. Derrick and I have been using a plastic bin that slides under our bed for all our files. I have been dealing with insurance drama for a few weeks now, and it's awful to look for important paperwork. I know it's in the bin, but WHERE in it? So, I started looking on craigslist for a cheap filing cabinet. All of the cabinets on there ranged from $50-$100. I am not spending that on a ugly filing cabinet. I kept checking back everyday until I found what I was looking for. I finally found the perfect funky filing cabinet for $5!!!

I found an idea on pinterest to make this look like a piece of furniture. If you know me, you know I love shabby chic antique furniture. We needed a filing cabinet AND an endtable so why not create both?

I ventured off to Lowe's and picked up the paint, feet, and trim.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby, to find the awesome knobs (which were 50% off), Mod Podge (I used my 40% off coupon), the $2.99 sponge brush set, and the prettiest scrapbook paper. I found paintable wallaper at Lowe's but they wanted $20 for a roll. I didn't need but 2 feet of the paper so I either had to find something else to put that paper on or find another option.
I scrubbed the cabinet with Mean Grean, sprayed WD-40 on all the sliding parts, got Dustin to beat the lock out with a screwdriver, and removed the knobs. I painted the cabinet with spray paint at first--bad idea. It left swirly marks and just wouldn't cover the cabinet like I wanted without using 10 cans. Then I used a regular paintbrush--another bad idea. It left bristle marks all over the cabinet. Louie and I used spray adhesive to put the scrapbook paper on--bad idea. It left ugly bubbles (see below) and started peeling up on the ends. I decided to use the Mod Podge which was amazingggg. I pulled back what I could and restuck it while smoothing all of the bubbles out with a glove on. Since the paper was textured, I painted it lightly to match.
Once everything dried, we had to drill holes in the bottom to attach the feet with nuts, then had to drill new holes for the knobs because they weren't exactly as big as the original knob holes. I then painted the trim and had Derrick's dad cut it for me. The trim was probably the quickest part of this whole process.

So now I have a fully functionable filing cabinet/endtable that is super fabulous for less than $50 bucks!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well people, we've finally made it home! This is the first time we have lived in the same town and both had jobs! Derrick got a GREATTTT job here in Decatur. I'm so proud of him. He's very happy. As for me, I haven't been working the past two weeks, and it's incredibly fun. I feel like I'm on Christmas vacation. So far, I've watched 2 marathons of NCIS while unpacking, and hungout with a few friends I haven't seen in a while. This week I'm going to stay the night in Birmingham with a friend from college.
 I've got to hang out with my parents, play with my nieces and nephew, workout, tan, shop, go dayyyys without wearing makeup or dressing up. I can't remember the last time I just got to chill and do whatever I wanted. This will be my last week to lounge, I start working on Monday.
Derrick and I celebrated his birthday and moving home with a trip to Atlanta!
 Well actually, I bought us tickets to see Rodney Carrington at the Fox theater for our anniversary. So, we celebrated 3 occassions in one trip since our life has been wild the last 2 months. We had a blast! We got a hotel across the street from the theater that had an amazing view!

Our room was so different than anything we've ever stayed in! It was like a page out of Pottery Barn Teen! Ha!
  This is a picture of the lobby, we got to sit and enjoy this pretty room before we went out with a friend we haven't seen in a couple of years who moved to Atalnta for Chiropractor school.

Derrick and I are incredibly blessed. We have prayed and had everyone we know pray for this opporutnity. Our dreams have finally come true. It feels good to receive favor from our good Lord above.