Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goodbye, Farewelllll.

Last week was my very last week at Parker Real Estate. It didn't really hit me until Friday. I was packing up my stuff in a box.... all the Hello Kitty stuff was gone and it looked like a Blahhh desk when I was finished. They through me a Hello Kitty going away party. Equipped with a Hello Kitty bubble blower, pink zebra cake, HK napkins & plates, and pink boas. Felt like a little kid's party... but heyyy.. I'm down with HK. =]

I spent Friday night packing up all my stuff. I was just going to pack up my shoes and my dresser but mom and dad got in on the packing and helped me pack up the rest of the closet. Which pretty much filled up my entire car and Derrick's entire truck... even the back of it.

This is just my hang up clothes...
The whole fam jam went to Hard Dock Saturday night for a farewell dinner and drink.
 Derrick's mom bought me a pretty sweet Hello Kitty watch. (This one is similar)

I started my new job in Auburn.
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It's about a 30 minute drive from Beulah, AL. Learning new thing is stressful. Being the new person always sucks because I am bound to screw something up. I hate making mistakes. 
 I don't get to see Derrick much... maybe 20 minutes of the day. He's on second shift so he doesn't get home until about 10. He gets up in the morning with me and makes me breakfast (cereal or PB&J), then walks me to my car.  My job now is way more high paced then working at Parker so I don't get very much down time. I text Derrick before he goes in to work around 1 and then talk to him about 5:30 on his lunch break. I'm usually in the bed by the time he gets home. 20 minutes everyday is way better than not seeing him at all.
This is all of Derrick's groceries....
and this is how he attempts to fix his "lack of groceries" issue...
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I think we need to work on "living together as a married couple" not as "roomies". What you can't see is that I say, "Can't I just make you a list?"  tisk tisk... smh. It's a work in progress.. lol!

We've got some huge decisions to make pretty soon. At this point, nothing scares me... I'm pretty much ready for it all.