Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reasons why living alone... SUCKS.

How do we make our long distance marriage work? One day at a time. There's a lot of people who question how Derrick and I do this. You have to understand that this is considered "normal" for us. We don't know any different. Those short 10 months we actually lived in the same city together was an eye opener. I loved it. We watched TV together, cooked dinner together, folded clothes together, went shopping together... are you seeing the word trend?? TOGETHER. D and I were pretty much inseparable, well except for hunting season... if I wanted to see him I had to go too. Now that we are living apart, I find a new reason everyday on why we should live together. For example:

My garbage disposal clogged up and it smelled like a rotten mess.-- called a plumber who was nice enough to do it for $50 bucks.
My cat brought in a dead chipmunk.-- I fished it out from underneath the dryer.
My cable box broke and I couldn't get the stupid thing out of the entertainment center nor knew how to set the stupid thing up.-- I spent 2 hours getting it out and scratched the thing to death, waited for D to get home. haha
My tire was low on air.-- waited for Derrick again.
My closet fell down.-- Thank God daddy was in town.
My dog was extremely sick and pooped everywhereeeeeee.-- called my trusty God dog parents.
I couldn't find my strapless bra anywhere and Derrick can find anything within the first 2 places he looks.-- waited for Derrick to find it.
My vacuum ate the cord and stripped the wire coating and I had exposed wires sticking out. -- I fixed this, GO ME!
My bed frame broke.-- it's still broken.
I needed to drop the car off at the shop and didn't have anyone to pick me up.-- called madre and padre.
My garage down opener quit working. --went to Lowe's to get new batteries, still didn't work, waited for Derrick again.

Now, wouldn't it just be awesome to have my husband home to help me? I hate asking anyone for help. 1. Nobody likes doing favors. 2. I don't want to inconvenience anyone. 3. I'll just figure it out. You know... I wonder if Derrick has a list of stuff he needs help with?? I know he only eats ham sandwiches and cereal and I had to pretty much teach him how to make Velveeta mac & cheese. I should probably ask him...

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  1. it always did, especially for many of us straight guys that can't meet a good woman today.