Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I can SEE clearly now...

For starters... I have yet to figure out why my pictures in my older blog posts aren't showing up. =[

Since the last time I blogged.. I got new eyes, or vision really. I can wake up every morning and see! My eyes still get tired at night and right before I turn to go to bed I still act like I have to take my contacts out. All I do now is put my drops in and go to bed =] It's beauuutiful. Nights alone aren't near as scary anymore because I can open my eyes and see everything!

One of my best friends that lives in Auburn took me to get my lasik done, she went to work while I was getting all my tests run on my eyes. The doctor said my vision is the worst he's seen in a while... EEeekkk. I called Britni right before it was time to have the surgery so she can come and be there with me. She got to watch the entire thing close up on a TV. EWWW! I refused to watch videos of it being done because I was already wigged out about enough.. especially not having anyone there with me the entire time because mom and dad left to go back to work and Derrick also had to work that day--he just so happened to be on first shift and couldn't take me =[.

 It was probably the longest six minutes of my life.

They put this paper clip looking contraption on your eye to keep your eyelids open. Then put this suction cup thing on your eye to keep it still. Then while they are cutting the flap... everything goes black. I'm talking like hyperventilating.. OMG. Then you slowly start to see again and the laser starts.. it starts flashing.. it makes a loud popping noise and it smells like burnt hair. SICK.

I found this illustration online, I would rather use this cartoon generated looking one then the actual eyeball one.. it looks disgusting. I could never be a nurse or doctor or anything that has to do with body parts. I got up out of the chair--walked out-- grabbed my purse and was headed out the door. Everything was realllllly realllllly blurry.  Britni and I grabbed lunch at Zaxby's then I went home and took a nap. I woke up about the time Derrick got home from work and I could see! I can't see at night.. my vision looks like this.. They are called star bursts and halos.
Yes those are headlights.. and No, I am not stepping foot in my car at night. The doctor said to give it about 3 months and I should be able to see normal again. It took me about a week and a half to be able to read or see the computer really well. But I can see awesome, other than that! It's like I have my contacts in! I recommend this to anybody who is thinking about Lasik but is toooo scared. It's not that bad at all. It's the fear and the anxiety of it all that got to me. It didn't hurt not one bit. Just felt like your pupils were dilated... because they were, Ha! I went to Hollis Lasik in Auburn. They were running a special for $595 an eye so I couldn't pass that up.
My last day to wear glasses.. EVER! =] 

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