Monday, June 18, 2012

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded” Hebrews 10:35

Derrick and I are approaching our 1 year anniversary of him starting his journey as a Kia Production Team Member in Georgia. As that date creeps up, we have to make a very important life decision... I'm moving. I have yet to find a job, and a place for us to live. There is absolutely NOTHING to rent around that area and the job market there is pretty grim.  It's going to be really tough, but we need to be together.

#1-- MOVING WITHOUT A JOB-- I am always been a very independent woman. I don't like to ask for money, if I can't afford it, I won't buy it. I have always worked and paid my own bills. To this day I have yet to ask Derrick to pay any of my bills. With living apart and having two separate households comes with two separate bills. I am afraid to rely on Derrick or ask him for money--he's my HUSBAND--I shouldn't feel this way. I figured, with the my next couple of paychecks I could get some things paid off, my credit card, and the next 6 or so hair appointments so I don't have to worry about money so much. I have gone to the grocery store and started hoarding shampoo, makeup, tanning lotion, and all sorts of odds and ends that comes with me. All that stuff really adds up, so I figured I would collect all this stuff for when I do move without a job and I don't have to worry about getting money from Derrick or picking at my savings account--God knows I hate touching it. I have just been frazzled with this move and not having a job.

#2-- I LOVE MY JOB-- The other day my boss asked me when I was leaving because he already had a replacement lined up. It absolutely broke my heart. I love my job, I couldn't imagine having a better work environment. I would be absolutely JEALOUS of whomever took my position. We are moving offices this summer and I want to be a part of it so bad. I wanted a new office space and a room to call my own =[. Perhaps I will stay until after the move so I can at least enjoy it some.

#3-- RENT or BUY? Where Derrick lives it is quite impossible to find a place that doesn't have an ugly trailer with junk in the yard for your neighbor. You can find the cutest house and WHAM there is your ugly sore thumb of a would-be neighbor. Derrick and I did find a house that was a foreclosure in a subdivision that was super cute and fairly new. Perfect size, area (two minutes from the lake), and it's in a subdivision. Finding a subdivision where he lives is quite rare. There just isn't any. It is impossible to find something to rent down there. It is either way to expensive or in the bad part of town. We also have to find something suitable for my animal baggage. Preferably something with a fenced in yard. I don't think we're being too picky, the availability is just nill.

Throughout the Bible, we have examples of how God suddenly showed Himself strong on behalf of His people. But sometimes when we’ve struggled in an area for a long time, it’s easy to just give up and accept things the way they are. One of the enemy’s favorite lies is to tell you that nothing is ever going to change. He’ll tell you that you’re never going to get well, that your marriage isn’t going to work out, that you’re never going to break that addiction. But I want to tell you today, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in those circumstances, God can change things in an instant! In a split second of time, He can turn it all around. One touch of God’s power can heal your body. One touch of His favor can promote you. One touch of His goodness can solve that problem. Just one touch from Almighty God can instantly change your life.
My encouragement for today, keep believing, keep standing, and keep hoping. Don’t let the enemy drag your thoughts down because God is working behind the scenes. Your time is coming, and I declare that your breakthrough is going to happen suddenly — in an instant!

How you feel about yourself affects every relationship you are in.

Loving your life. Don't minimize the power of normal things that transpire that happen in every day life.

We can be enthusiatic and exciting about what goes on, even the little things. Alot of people don't like their because it's too normal. I wish I had your life, I wish I had your body, I wish I had that car.  Ask God, and it will come at the right time in your life and won't come through your struggle or your effort but by the mercy of God. I should enjoy where I'm at on the way I'm going. I'm looking for change in me from God for the changes in my life.  It's foolish not to enjoy yourself while God is changing me.

I'm attracted to what I don't have. Enjoy your self, your life, and the people in it.

You may have people in your life you should have never been around so if you can get away from them and if you have to be around them then find something about them you do like.

If you impress people to impress yourself you won't be able to serve people you will only do things that seem important because you think you will get your worth and value from doing so.  You are doing being the scenes that God has told you to do you have an equal reward from God. 

The less you think about yourself, the happier you will be.