Monday, April 16, 2012

Country Living at it's finestttt...

Derrick and I have to find a job ASAP somewhere... I almost didn't leave his house yesterday.  I could stay there forever! I could def save money buy not shopping. The place where he lives, they don't have garbage pick up.. so you have to go miles down the road to a place where dumpsters are to drop off your garbage. Sounds like a pain in the ass? Yes, because it is. It's so weird... I feel like I'm in a uncivilized country.. "the country...backwoods that is". The only stores that they have are these country gas stations like Mrs. J's in Trinity, and Dollar General. No Walmart... you have to drive a good ways for that. There are trailer parks everrrrywhere and have HUGE Churches that are brand new. I don't understand it. I thought I grew up in the woods.... no... this is a whole different experience.  This makes Moulton look like Huntsville.

Derrick and I went for a drive in his new truck!  It's sooo pretty! We get to switch whenever he gets a chance to come home! I can't wait! I'm really excited about it! Saturday, we drove around looking for yardsales... they don't have subdivisions so it was difficult to find.

While Derrick was at work Saturday, I found civilization, and I went and got my nails done a pretty gold glitter color to match my shoes for Karey's wedding this coming weekend.

I went to Target in Opelika (30 miles away) and spent hours deciding between 3 comforter sets and ended up buying one I didnt even consider because it was on clearance! I got to buy more things for our house in Beulah with the extra money.  His bathroom is now matchy matchy! It looks soooo masculine, I can't stand it!! I'm so antique shabby chic this is the opposite of my style.. completely!!!

Sunday we went to see American Pie Reunion--didn't disappoint. It was actually pretty funny! We drove around Auburn for a little white.  The place where we met is no longer standing--The Highlands.  It may have been torn down for years but we just noticed it.  We ate dinner at Niffer's and I got the same meal I always get there.. the chicken breast light! I really wanted a fishbowl but decided that it would be a bad idea to drive back to Decatur afterwards.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I need a vacation every month...

The interview in Lagrange was a JOKE. I left the class early just because I have never wasted more time or money in my life on something so ridiculous.  After learning how to use a screwdriver and a wrench I was told that this was a 12 hour shift job (already knew that) non-rotating shifts (meaning if you start on nights you will forever be on nights- 6:30pm-6:30am) and 7 DAYS A WEEK. Meaning that I would be working 80+ hours on a salary job with no off day and no overtime.  I can barely get through a 40 hour week. I came home and spent the day with my honey before having to drive back.

Derrick decided that we are going to start looking for a new vehicle.  We went from buying a nice reasonably priced used car to an Avalanche we brought home on Saturday.  Derrick's plan is for me to drive the Avalanche around town and he take my car since he's the one who does all the driving.  Well, now he just found he will be working the next 8 Saturdays. So, it looks like I'll be the one to go see him. Which is okay, since I have the sweetest friends who have agreed to watch the animals and housesit for me while I visit the hubs.  I just wasn't ready to take Buddy on a roadtrip, I don't think he's ready either. That would be TORTURE. I couldn't imagine him being in the car for that long and not freaking out and being drugged.  Buddy hates storms, I have to give him a valium or two just so "I" can sleep. His big butt "tries" to get in the bed with me... he's too old to jump on the bed. I thought I was going to have to drug buddy this weekend when Derrick decided to blow his nose in the shower, Buddy trembled, panted like crazy, and did circles around me... I guess he thought the shower sounded like rain, and his nose blowing sounded like thunder. Crazy dog.

I'm going to Charleston next week with my best friend Louie, to be in another best friend's wedding!! I have never been to Charleston, so this will be an adventure.  I'm really excited to go. We are staying in a really big house from Wednesday-Sunday on a Golf Course. I'm so excited to go on a road trip with the bff!

Derrick and I are planning our next vacation in June.  I want to leave this country or go somewhere one more time. We can stay at a 3 bedroom condo for $100 a day plus cleaning fee in Gulf Shores. We have to find another couple to go with us... or we're skipping town for a few days that week.  I wouldn't mind going on a cruise, since Derrick and I have never been on one. I really want to have a nice vacation since Derrick won't be able to have a week like this off until Christmas... that is if he doesn't find a job at home.  I want Derrick to come home ohhhh so bad. 

I'm taking a break from trying to find a job down there... all these interviews are killing my paycheck and I really need the money if we keep deciding to go on vacation.