Friday, March 30, 2012

Wedding Day has come and gone...

Romans 12:12

"Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying."

My wedding day was absolutely perfect. I am so blessed to have all these amazing people that care about seeing Derrick and I so happy. It may have rained a little bit, but the umbrella made for cute pictures. Derrick and I got to be a part of the Mardi Gras parade downtown (it was their first ever) and we danced in front of the firetruck!

Our honeymoon was even more perfect. We got to meet some pretty awesome people from Mass. and spent pretty much the whole week with them and every dinner. We sat next to them on the plane and they were staying at the same resort at the building next door to us in the club section. How amazing was that? Derrick and I got to go parasailing, swimming with dolphins, deep sea fishing, snorkeling on three different reefs, goshhh... there's seems like there's more. We were like the ultimate tourists.  I cant wait to have another week off to just be with him. I want to spend every moment with him.

 Everyday gets a little bit harder for me and it breaks my heart piece by piece by each passing moment. Talking to him on the phone just isn't good enough for me. I need to physically be with him. It's so hard to do with having all these animals with us. I've got Bama and Buddy to watch over and nobody but my parents to help me. They come all the way from South Carolina on the weekends just to help me. It's not fair to them or me. I just need a little bit more help while our lives in such chaos.

Derrick and I are now both on the job hunt.. whoever wins first that's where we'll move.  Well...I had an interview at Wyle Lab in Madison yesterday. I didn't feel confident that it would be a forever job, I felt that there was too much of an opportunity to be laid off. Outstanding money.. but what is that when you get laid off within 6 months and can't even apply for unemployment benefits. Yeaaa.. didn't take it.

I have a two day class in Lagrange, GA on Monday and Tuesday. After the class, I have to take a test on Tuesday to move up to the next and final interview for the job.  Awesome money on this one too! I'll be wearing steel toe boots, and a hard hat to work everyday, working 12 hour shifts. Sounds like a dude job, but you know what...I don't mind it at all if it means being able to be with my HUSBAND-- bet you like the label drop ;)--

Derrick is still applying like a crazy person... it would be so much easier for him to move up here than it would be for me to move down there... I have animal baggage... and he has a roommate. AWKWARDDD.

We'll get it figured out... it will just take some time, a little faith in God, and lots of hope.