Monday, January 16, 2012


The wedding is getting closer, and I'm getting more freaked out by the minute.There is so much to be done it's not even funny.
Our couples shower was this weekend and I couldn't have asked for better friends, a better time, or better gifts.  I am so blessed to have what I have.

My bridal portraits are this coming weekend and right now there is a 40% chance of rain.. BOOOO!

Next Wednesday is my birthday,

then the following weekend Derrick comes home to celebrate it, along with my parents... and that Sunday is my bridal Tea..

then my bachelorette trip in NASHVILLE!!

Then I get a weekend off to get prepped and ready for the BIG HUGE DAY the following weekend.

Derrick's ring came in... it's amazing. It has a few minor tweekings to do and one day I'll get him a better ring but right now our honeymoon is priority 1... COZUMEL!! We booked our honeymoon at The Sabor Resort. It's amazing.. it has a lazy river coming from our room! Adults only! All inclusive! SOOOO EXCITED!
When we get back from our honeymoon... Derrick has to move. His lease is up on his apartment and someone else has already rented it. He knew it was already leased when he moved in it in July. So Derrick is getting a roommate in a brand new duplex in the same po dunk town... His roomie has a pet tarantula. I'm not cool with that at ALL. It'll save us a bunch of money until we get our lives figured out a little more. So to everyone's question... No, we will not be living together when we get married.

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