Thursday, October 27, 2011

Buddy... the old doggg..

i'm getting nervous... we were supposed to have it all figured out by now.  We have less than four months until the wedding.  Derrick has an interview next weekend with another company closer to home.  I quit looking for a job down there because apparently Derrick is trying to find a job closer to home.  Well, we dont have to be in Decatur... I wouldn't mind living an hour or two away from here....4 hours is just toooo far.  Not a fun weekend trip by any means. 

I have only been down there to visit him twice out of the whole 4 months he's been gone.  It's harder when I have an animal that can't travel with me because he's old as dirt and won't make it up the steps of Derrick's apartment.. and it's just torture to leave him in the car for the 4 hour car ride each way.  So trying to find a dogsitter is horrible. I dont trust anyone to take care of Buddy like he needs to be taken care of... he's old and set in his ways... and plus he's pretty much my Dad's dog.

Derrick works a ton of weekends so it's hard for him to come home and it makes me super super super sad.  It's hard to spend quality time with him too.  When he comes home we have to visit everyone and it takes time away from the two of us.  I would love to be just stuck up his butt... but so does everyone else. GRRRRR...

Wedding planning is going amazing... sort of.  Too much to do, not enough time or money to do it.  I'm in the process of making a million wedding decorations because I insisit on the DIY.. thanks to 

Wish mom and dad lived closer so more of this could be done...

still need to pick out flowers, food, and photographer... then I'm done.. D.O.N.E... so i think anyways...

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