Wednesday, August 17, 2011

God is good, even when it doesn't feel good.

I got my rejection letter from Auburn last week. I didn't get my dream job that I wanted/needed. I want to know why God won't give me the job I need to be with the one I love. Was it because there's a better job in store for me?

My patience was tested by an ignorant person who judged me and the church I want to go to because it wasn't good enough. I want to know why God even put this person in my life because I haven't felt like dropping kicking the crap out of someone in quite some time. Is it because He wanted me to accept this person for the way they were and pray for them? Did He want me to have a closer relationship with Him?

I haven't made any progress on this wedding of mine. I want to know why I can't make a decision.  Is it because at a time like this I feel guilty for spending mine or anyone else's money? Is it because He wants me to make the best financial decisions possible?

It will be 3 weeks before I will get to see Derrick again. I want to know why God wants Derrick and me to feel the distance again.  Wasn't once enough? Wasn't 4 years enough? Maybe He wants us to never take for granted the time we spend together.  Maybe he wants us to try harder in life and reach more goals...

Proverbs 3:5-8 means don't even think you're smart enough to even know what's going on.  I could just think it to death... and I can never figure anything out. We get way more out of what we don’t understand than we think we do. We think "If I'm doing what's right then I should get what is the right result"... Life happens, God is in control and he does have a plan for my life and I will make a decision that I will not give up on God and I will not defile myself by breaking my commitment with God.

There are people who decide to be thankful and those who aren't content with their lives. We need to make decisions to not give up when things aren't going our way in life. You can't let your circumstances dictate to you what God is saying to you. The devil will use circumstances to keep you from the will of God. Stop looking at your circumstances, stop listening to your mind, stop listening to your feelings, and stop listening to negative people-- and get quiet and look in your heart and remind yourself what God is saying to you. You have to be determined that you WILL NOT give up and that you WILL make a decision that no matter what happens in your life and no matter how long it takes, you WILL cross the finish line. God doesn't always do what we want Him to do when we want it, but He has a greater plan than what we realize. God is good and if I continue to pray and trust God, He will even take things that hurt and work them out for Good in our life.

When people ask... "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO????" Why don't I just tell people I don’t understand what I'm going to do but GOD does, and I'm going to keep worshiping Him, acknowledging Him, and He will direct my path. 

Trust is better for your nerves than reason. Trust God and pray... do you have any idea how much peace we would have if we were comfortable in not knowing?