Wednesday, July 13, 2011

getting excited about my future...

Adventurous week...

I threw a "Surprise" Going Away party for Derrick, Friday night, which was very successful being that I threw it together in a week's time.  I put "Surprise" in quotation marks because the only surprise that we got is Derrick telling me he already knew about the party due to a few slip ups from his friends asking him what time the party was.  Derrick enjoyed himself and was really happy that he had all these people supporting him on his new journey in life.
Reality did not set in for me until Sunday night when I was all alone at the house.  It was so quiet, I didn't have anyone to discuss dinner options with or what was the best thing to watch on tv.  It was different. With Derrick being gone, It made me realize that I'm not as brave as I once was.  I lived by myself for 2 years in college and was only scared of being alone the first week or so at my apartment (and that time someone followed be to my house-another story) and the bumps in the night didn't scare me so much because I knew my neighbors and could call on them for anything if I needed too.  As of now, I don't really know my neighbors but I know they are watching me and everything that happens at my house.  Just last week the next door neighbor said something to my dad about a Ford Lariet coming to the house to walk Buddy without a leash and letting him pee on everyone's bushes.... yea they are watching.  I didn't even know my brother was coming to my house everyday while I was at work to play with the dog until my brother let it slip a few days before the neighbor said something. 
Monday night I drove down to Auburn by myself... also a scarier moment for me. I haven't driven on the interstate by myself since I graduated from Auburn a year ago. I had an interview with Auburn University at noon on Tuesday and prepared the best I could.  I thought I did a great job for it being the hardest interview of my was over an hour and a half.  They asked me questions about "my philosophy" on things that I never thought about before that very moment I was asked. I got a tour of the office and asked as many questions as I could about the organization.  I think it would be a great fit for me...hopefully they think the same.  I won't know until the end of this month.  This being said, I'm excited for my future and what it has to offer.  Derrick and I are truly happy with the way things are going.  Life is looking up for us...our best days are not behind us; our best day are out in front of us.
One thing I know is that God is a God of increase. He has greater things in store for our future than we have experienced in our past. His dream for our future is so much bigger than our own. He wants to take us places that we’ve never dreamed and open up doors that we’ve never imagined. He wants to bring talent out of us that we didn’t even know we had. He wants to increase us and cause us to be a greater blessing to the people around us.
Today, I will get my hopes up and get excited about my future! and begin to thank Him for what He has in store. Keep standing, keep believing and keep moving forward because God has explosive blessings in store for me!

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