Monday, June 20, 2011

disappointment.. it happens.

I don't know about you, but life is not always the proverbial bowl of cherries. We all have goals, wishes, and desires. Sometimes those things come to fruition and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the result is the direct consequence of what we have either done or not done. On the other hand, the result is often due to circumstances we either don't understand or over which we have little control. We often perceive the disappointments as personal failures. We internalize those feelings and end up feeling frustrated, angry, and depressed. If these emotions are not soon checked, the emptiness inside grows, the sun doesn't shine quite as brightly, and there is seldom a moment when we aren't ruminating over every detail of the situation. Self- doubt exponentially rises. Confidence wanes. You are embarrassed and don't want to discuss it. After all, no one really understands.
Sounds pretty serious, doesn't it? Only a horrible tragedy could prompt such an emotional response. Or, perhaps it could triggered be the end of a long relationship or trouble in your marriage. Better yet, perhaps it could result from your failure to win a political race for a seat in the Senate. Or, maybe it could result from having the best opportunity of a lifetime taken from you without notice...which is what happened in my case.
My life altering job as a radio personality has been taken away from me.  Not because I didn't qualify. Not because someone was better. But because the man who was to hire me...QUIT. Yea, you're probably thinking, "WTH".  The radio station did him wrong after 40 years, and he quit. QUIT...with my future on the line.
Derrick hasn't heard from the job in Georgia.  He aced every interview, passed every test, physical, and drug test, and has yet to hear anything.  We're waiting for a start date... that is all we need.